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I have been using your massage oil with olive oil, grape seed oil and fragrance oil. On the front it says ďMassage Oil (Musk You ask?). I donít know when I got this from you but it has a wonderful smell that fills the room and I would like to order another bottle for my daughter and me. She has used all I had. Also, I have been using your Shea & Mango butter lotion. It is thick and wonderful.


I just wanted to tell you how great your product is, I love and cannot get enough of them. I was one of those who only bought from a bath & body store. But a friend of mine gave me some of your lotion & soap and I just love it. Your lotion is so rich and creamy a little goes a long way and it keeps your skin nice and soft all day. It does not dry my skin out like most of these lotions out here in the market. I just brought one of your lip balms and it is like a spa for your lips. It's not like most lip balms where they leave your lips all waxy. It makes them feel great. I have been telling all my friends about Jai's Natural Body products. This is like the hottest thing you can buy and the prices are great! I'm telling you $3 for a bar of soap, $6 for body wash or lotion - come on I have paid way more for lotion and body wash at that bath & body place.
But I just wanted you to know that I will never buy from a bath & body store again. I will only buy from you!
Thank you for making great products.

Your New & Best Customer

-V. Bramwell

As you know I love your products and you will start getting orders out of San Francisco after my brother starts passing around your products at his office. He says the lady loves the Body Butter.
Please keep me in mind for future events. Youíre going to be so successful! Your products are great and your personality goes great with it.


As one in my golden years, I am no stranger to aches, pains, itching and more, but having ďJaiís, Herbal OintmentĒ on hand, makes these maladies much easier to deal with. It soothes and causes some unsightly spots to disappear.

-Cora Washington
New York, New York

I must say - JOB WELL DONE!!! I have suffered from extreme dry skin over the years, but after using your products I can really see an improvement. I use your products daily, from the many soaps, to the body spray to the lotion, and the lip balm (what will I do with out it ?!?!?!). My dad will not use any other soap in the stores. He is sold out to the "Gentleman" and he has been so impressed and pleased with your products. Your products not only clean but they leave the body moisturized and feeling oh so fresh. Continue to do what you do!!!

Many thanks from your lifelong customer

- Tiffany and daddy Thomas

Jai's all-natural product, the Brewton Breeze Soap Bar, was featured in a recent article in For Me Magazine.

The conditioner is great! Iíve been using it all week and found it conditions my hair without making it heavy & limp by days end. No residue is left, much like the soap. Iím really enjoying all the products from you!

-Mary Ellen

I have to honestly say that my family (of 4) have come to heavily depend on Jaiís Shea & Mango Butter Lotion over the past year. It's the only lotion we can trust to get us through the day and not worry about dryness. Other lotions just cannot compare. It's very creamy in texture, and I love the sweetness of the regular scent, but my husband prefers something not so "pretty", so Kenya can produce a blend with his favorite scent just for him. She has already customized a blend for my teen-age daughter that's been named after her. Why do I need to purchase lotion from anyplace else? This lotion does it well for us.


I work out at 24 hour fitness at least five times a week. I start using the Pineapple scrub at the gym because the water was so hard and it makes your skin feel so rough and dry. Now my skin feels so soft Itís very relaxing In the morning time. I just want to thank Jaiís for sharing your creation with me. Be blessed, and have a great year !!!!!!!

- Debra H.

I received my order yesterday and after getting home from a long hot sweaty ride from work (no air in my vehicle) I was good and ready for a shower when I got home. Your soap is absolutely awesome. The lather and silkiness of the bar was absolutely amazing. I'll definitely be ordering more. Your Shea and Mango Butter lotion was a nice follow-up. Loved the sultry "powdery" scent.

- Tanya R.

I am a very pleased and delighted costumer of Jai's Custom Made Soaps! I am in love with the Mommy's Tummy Honey which consists of all the perfect, natural ingredients a mother's belly needs for her stretching midriff. It is so soothing to the skin and the tangerine scent is so refreshing.

I also use Jai's Shea and Mango lotion. It is so enriching for my entire body that I actually had to order two bottles when I placed my last order because I am so in love with it.

All of Jai's products are must-haves and I can guarantee that you won't be disappointed!!!!"

- Rashan Ali, Host
A-Team Morning Show - HOT 107.9 Atlanta

This product is incredibly luxurious I could never think of it as a lotion. I'm going to rename it "Shea & Mango Body Butter" yes, it's that good. Much too good to be called lotion so as I said I'll call it butter.

- E. Delsol

Jai's thanks for sending the sample of Shea Moisturizing Shampoo & Nourishing Conditioner. I thought your lotions and soaps were the bomb, but oh my goooooodness the shampoo & conditioner. I have natural hair and the tangles just fell out of my hair without leaving it greasy or heavy it was light as a feather and very hydrated and smelled like a orange push-up. Just another product to get totally hooked on.

- Fatima
Chicago, IL

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Hello Jai's,

I just want to let you know how much my husband & I love your products. The body lotion, shaving lotion, body spray, you name it & it's FANTASTIC!!! I could go on & on. These are the best products I've ever used, and I've been in the beauty business for 25 yrs. I will be ordering from your website and referring you many more clients.

- L. Smith
Duluth, GA

Jai's keep up the good work! Your Herbal Ointment Healing Balm has got my skin back in order. Being in the desert is no joke on your skin; and after about 4 or 5 treatments, my skin stop revolting against me. Thanks so much!!

- Sgt. Jackson

I love the Hair Tonic. I use it on my sons and it leaves their hair moisturized, but not greasy.
- A Stewart

Since I started using Jaiís Hair Oil & Elixir my hair has really made a turnaround itís even getting thicker.
- V. Bramwell

I use the Leave-In conditioner everyday because it is a light, moisturizing conditioner that helps in to detangle my hair. I am a natural with thick hair and the leave in conditioner helps me with manageability as well as conditioning.
- M. Lee

I feel like Iím a super star when I use Jaií hair products, I have never had so many people stop me to ask what hair products do I use. They say all the time I would go natural if my hair could look like that. I use the Hair Elixir, Hair Oil and Leave-In Conditioner at least 4 times per week.
- R. Johnson

My hair has grown SO much since I saw u it makes me laugh! I had no idea it would do this and be so curly that strangers are stopping me to say how cute it is and want to know what Iím using, I love the Hair Elixir and Hair Oil.
- V. Smith

I just LOVE your Hydrating Deep Conditioner Hair Masque and Hair Oil combo my hair has stop breaking and shedding like it use to do. Canít wait to try your other hair products but these are staples for me.
- R.Sosa

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