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Brewton Breeze

Like my southern and cool coastal hometown this delicately scented sweet and floral fragrance of Rose, Tangerine and Lavender is emotionally balancing.
Brewton Breeze - SO600
5 oz. $4.50 Each

Crisp Breeze

Cool down with this fresh, floral bouquet of rose, jasmine, violets and wild lilac with hints of sweet orange blossom, gardenia and hawthorn on a dry down of musks.
Crisp Breeze - SO602

5 oz. $4.50 Each

Green Tea

Our green tea soap has a hint of citrus lemon scents! Green tea is known for its clarifying and energizing abilities.
Green Tea - SO606
5 oz. $4.50 Each


This strong, sweet, fresh floral smells like a field of wildflowers on a breezy spring day
Honeysuckle/Jasmine - SO607
5 oz. $4.50 Each


Relaxing, balancing, our lavender will nourish your skin and calm the mind. Lavender buds are blended into this beautiful botanical mixture.
Lavender - SO609
5 oz. $4.50 Each

Man Bar

Our sexy man soap is a classic for men. Its cool and fresh, yet woodsy and herbal with a sultry fragrance of sandalwood and lime and lavender.
Man Bar - SO610
5 oz. $4.50 Each

Mommies Soap

A green floral bouquet with woody undertones, hints of citrus and a dry-down of musk and loads of aloe vera gel.
Mommies Soap - SO612
5 oz. $4.50 Each


Hard to wake up in the morning? Not with this soap. This bar will stimulate you into action. This essential oil soap is a special blend of peppermint & spearmint , green in color with specks of ground mint.
Peppermint - SO613
5 oz. $4.50 Each

Stress Relief

When you need to unwind at the end of the day, try our stress relief soap. Each bar was specially formulated to help your body relax.
Stress Relief - SO616
5 oz. $4.50 Each

Vanilla Bean

Vanilla bean soap was formulated based on the knowledge of natural remedies. Used throughout history for its antibacterial qualities, real vanilla bean was added to this unique soap. Perfect for both women and men. The vanilla turns the soap a rich brown color.
Vanilla Bean - SO618
5 oz. $4.50 Each

Soy Ginger

Inspired by the nutritional and therapeutic properties of soybean oil, we combined the pure essential oils of ginger with tangerine, geranium and sage to create a spicy warm and fresh aroma . Ginger strengthens the body's immunity to colds and flu and it is also known to relieve jet lag and nausea. Finally, this soap will leave you feeling clean and refreshed all day long.
Soy Ginger - SO619
5 oz. $4.50 Each

No Sweat

This soap is designed as a deodorizing body bar, not a replacement for deordorants, but it contributes to overall protection. Tea tree and sage & peppermint essential oils are combined to develop a deodorizing bar that refreshes tired skin. This soap is ideal for use after sports.
No Sweat - SO620
5 oz. $4.50 Each

Later Gator

This creamy soap gets it's mild scent from the fruit of the Avocado tree. It contains a complex blend of vitamins A and E and lipids that can help increase the hydration and elasticity of the skin. You'll love the feel of your skin after using this luxurious soap!
Later Gator - SO608
5 oz. $4.50 Each

Jai's Luv

Awaken your senses with Jasmine & Vanilla that relax your mind and inspires sexy self-confidence while also soothing and calm your soul.
Jai's Luv - SO622
5 oz. $4.50 Each


Relax-This calming mix of Orange, Eucalyptus, Patchouli and Ylang, Ylang essential oils with Peppermint leaves.
Relax - SO623
5 oz. $4.50 Each

Honey Love

A great blend of moisturizing antiseptic honey with the fragrance of delicate flowery fragrance blend of lush florals, citrus, sandalwood and a subtle undertone of musk. Warm, feminine, sexy and elegant.
Honey Love - SO624
5 oz. $4.50 Each

Oatmeal Milk & Honey

Comforting, and delicately sweet, this tan bar with oatmeal on top contains real, finely ground Oatmeal and gooey Honey, known for their skin-loving and skin-soothing properties. This bar will make you fall in love at first sniff.
Oatmeal Milk & Honey - SO626
5 oz. $4.50 Each

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