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Jai's Story

Kenya Shortly after the birth of my most precious only child, I was asleep one night and had a very vivid dream on what I was supposed to do with my life and why. Now I know that sounds a little strange, but believe me it was also strange to me. I really thought I had eaten something too heavy that late at night. I knew that couldn't have been the case because I'm not a late night eater.

In any event, because you are now a part of the Jai's family, I will tell you about the dream: I was walking down a side walk and passed a beautiful soap shop. In the shop were many beautiful mahogany shelves as long as the eye could see, with vividly colored soaps and body products. It smelled so good it made me smile a silly grin and put me in a very good frame of mind. There was a lady looking at me with a very serene look on her face, as if she was saying "please come on in." I politely smiled back and kept walking, but I could not forget her face or the aroma coming out of that shop. So I turned around and walked in. When I entered, the lady said, "I was hoping you would come in because this is what you need to do… help people feel better with products like these because the world is such a busy, stressful and hectic place. You are to make people feel better just like the look you had on your face when you passed the shop"!

Then I woke up!!! Sound strange? I told no one for several weeks but it just followed me. Wherever I went I couldn't escape the dream so I figured I had to give it a try. But how? I had never made a product like this before in my life! I loved cooking and was pretty good at it and I have been into herbs, vitamins, exercise, meditation etc all my life. Well I will give this a try and make soap. I researched several formulas and tried and failed and failed and failed again.

It wasn’t until I was told one bit of information that made all the difference in the world: I was pouring a soap batter so hot that it would separate and overheat in the mold and eventually cook itself right out of the mold onto the floor. But once I got the temperature where it was supposed to be I WAS IN LOVE, with true soap making – the natural way! Other products soon followed. Then I named the company Jai's, after my only child Jaime.

This is a true story, and this is my service.

Peace, Love & Blessings,

- Kenya

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