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Moisturizing Body Spray:

Revitalize your skin by replenishing depleted moisture with our distinctive body spray. Keep your spritz in the fridge in the summer for added coolness. Or, keep it at work for those extra long days when you're craving that just-showered feeling!
FR400 - 4 oz. $8.00

FR401 - 8 oz. $12.00

Roll-On Fragrance:

Roll-on perfumes are easy to apply and are the perfect size to toss in your purse or pop in your pocket! A delightful addition to a thoughtful gift basket, goodie bag, stocking stuffer! Our perfumes are oil based, and have a high concentration of fragrance, making them long lasting and true to the essence of the scent. We make our all-natural perfumes in a jojoba oil and fractionated coconut oil base to moisturize your skin, while giving you a highly scented fragrance that absorbs quickly.
FR402 - $10.00

Body Balm:

We bring you a fantastic, super-moisturizing body balm that contains a simple combination of ingredients like macadamia nut oil, shea butter (both contain essential fatty acids), bee’s wax and fragrance. This combination of oils and waxes makes for a smooth feeling, less greasy all over body balm. Apply our all-natural body balm wherever supple healthy skin is desired, melts at body temperature. Great when applied after bathing and shaving. Use liberally before bed and wake up silky-soft
FR403 - 4 oz. $8.00

FR404 - 8 oz. $12.00

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