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Shea and Mango
Butter Lotion

These lotions are creamy, rich and ultra-hydrating unlike some watered down lotions found elsewhere for a lot more money. Ours include pure shea butter, mango butter, aloe vera, avocado oil, olive oil, botanical extracts and essential oils (known for their healing properties). The use of natural ingredients recognizes their value treating all sorts of dry skin conditions.
AJ100 - 4 oz. $5.00

AJ101 - 8 oz. $8.00

Mmm…Smell so good
Body Milk Spray:

Revitalize your skin by replenishing depleted moisture with our distinctive body spray. Keep your spritz in the fridge in the summer for added coolness. Or, keep it at work for those extra long days when you're craving that just-showered feeling!
AJ200 - 4 oz. $8.00

AJ201 - 8 oz. $12.00

Lip Balm

For soft protected lips, use this balm day and night. Ingredients like cocoa butter, safflower and avocado oils soften and smoothes rough, chapped lips, while natural flavors add delicious fragrance.
Strawberry - AJ301

Tropical Fruit - AJ302

1 oz. $2.00 each

Angel Jai
Kids' Soap

A realistic fruity melon scent that will make your mouth water! Especially made for the kids.
Melon-Berry - AJO400
5 oz. $4.50 Each

Angel Jai

Fresh and Delicious
Available in 14 Flavors

$1.25 each or

$15.00 per Dozen

For 14 Flavors - Click here
Atlanta Area Only

For Info/Order:
Ask for Kenya

Cupcake Flavors

Key Lime Pie - Keylime Cupcake with Keylime Curd Glaze & Cream Cheese Frosting topped with graham cracker crumbs

Chocolate Fudge - Devils Food cupcake with Chocolate Fudge Buttercream Frosting

Vanilla Plain Jane - Buttermilk Cupcake, with whipped Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

Orange Citrus - Lemon Orange Cake with Orange Cream Cheese Buttercream Frosting

Reese’s Peanut Butter - Peanut Butter Cupcake with Chocolate Fudge Buttercream Frosting topped with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

Red Velvet - Traditional Red Velvet Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting Topped with chopped walnuts

Pina Colada Coconut Rum - Coconut & Pineapple Cupcake with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

Lemon Cream - A Lemon Cupcake with Lemon Buttercream Frosting

Banana - A Banana Cupcake with Banana Buttercream and a Banana chip on top

Sweet Potato - Sweet Potato Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting topped with Roasted Pecan

Strawberry - A Strawberry Cupcake with Strawberry Buttercream

Carrot - Carrot cupcake comes with cream cheese frosting with Walnuts

Apple Spice - An Apple Spice Cupcake topped with Caramel Buttercream and Caramel Syrup

Pound Cake - with Confectioner’s Sugar Sprinkle

Available in the Atlanta Area

$1.25 each or $15.00 per Dozen

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Call: 770-374-8389
Ask for Kenya

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