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Herbal Ointment

All natural ointment for small cuts, grazes, bee stings and minor abrasions. 100% pure with herbal extracts and essential oils in a natural base using no petroleum based products or chemical additives
AP700 - ½ oz. $8.00

AP701 - 2 oz. $20.00

Lip Balm

For soft protected lips, use this balm day and night. Ingredients like cocoa butter, safflower and avocado oils soften and smoothes rough, chapped lips, while natural flavors add delicious fragrance.
Vanilla Custard - AP702

Herbal Mint - AP703

1 oz. $2.00 each

Bug Busters - Bug Repellant

Looking for a natural mosquito repellent? Our Bug Busters products are all-natural, chemical free insect repellents. These products use pure essential oils that are known to deter pests making them safe, effective, natural mosquito and insect repellents which work on all types of pests, not just mosquito’s. It contains cedar wood, lavender essential oil, citronella essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, and bergamot essential oil and catnip essential oils. Simply apply Bug Busters to your exposed skin before beginning any outdoor activity, and the bugs will stay away.
AP900 - 8 oz. bottle - $10.00

Air Freshener

Ours is a natural air freshener. Its unique properties are derived from essential oils and fragrance oils that refresh and enhance your personal air space. Jai’s Air Freshener is safe to use at work, home, schools. Uses effective natural botanicals to improve air quality around your home and to freshen up stale air everywhere. Eliminate odors from cooking, smoke, restrooms and pets with just a few sprays
AP800 - 8 oz. bottle - $10.00

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